Featuring: Marion Añonuevo | Directors: Mike Talampas & Nick Santiago
Director of Photography: Ike Avellana | Lighting director: Macky Mangasi


Pupil - Zilch

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RadioRepublicPH: Pupil Talks About How The Current Line Up Was Formed

Pupil has been through a couple of line up changes in their career but it seems none have been as solid as the current members. So we asked featured artists Pupil about the history of their members and how the current line up came to be.

Pupil - Zilch

Review: Zilch by Pupil | earthings!

I honestly thought we wouldn’t hear from Pupil again. The band took a break when their record label closed; its members have popped up in other projects, most notably Ely Buendia’s supergroup-of-sorts The Octaves. But here we are. Pupil is back, and as sludgy as ever. Zilch is endlessly crunchy, a jolting bounce through a sleazy underbelly, a perspective I never… 0 comments


PinoyTuner: Zero in on Pupil’s “Zilch,” Their Most Sophisticated Release to Date

When Ely Buendia sings “The world is a place / behind this firewall” on Zilch’s scorching opener “Firewall,” it is both an invitation and a taunt: a wink-nudge suggestion that there is a plane beyond the rabbit-hole—that the practice of imagining is a reward in itself, perhaps the best reward of all—but also a show of sneer-filled discontent. In this… 0 comments


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